Don’t Knock It Til You Try It

What do you think of when you hear the word Key Club?

Do you think of service, leadership, spirit, or family? Or do you think toxic, obnoxious, or dramatic?
Unfortunately, most people would most likely say the second option.

To me, Key Club is something that has shaped me to be the way I am today. It has provided me with opportunities to meet new people who share the same passion as me, it has helped me develop leadership skills, and it has allowed me to show my love for the community through community service. However Key Club is more than just community service.

If you know what Key Club is, then you’ve probably heard the “How do you feel?” cheer and cringed or thought,”How embarrassing…” in your head. But actually, there’s way more from where that came from! Key Club is actually very very spirit oriented, and spirit sessions are a huge part of our tradition. The main reason why we go to Six Flags is to participate in a spirit battle among other Key Clubs and raise money for Pediatric Trauma Program, a charity all Key Clubs support. Of course there are some people who’d think that they would never want to be in the crowd with us cheering, and that they would never embarrass themselves like that, but once you’ve done it you’ll know why we all love cheering.

If you’ve been to a high school basketball game, you’ve most likely cheered in support for your school’s team. And what fun is it if you don’t cheer or go crazy and lose yourself in the moment? It’s the same thing with our spirit sessions. Once you start cheering with the people around you, you get this feeling of unity, excitement, and thrill that’s irreplaceable.


However, cheers aren’t the only thing people don’t like about us. We are also infamously known for being dramatic and obnoxious people. Although there are a few bad apples in our club, it doesn’t make all of us dramatic, obnoxious, and every other bad thing people associate with Key Clubbers.

Speaking honestly, what club or group doesn’t have drama? Yes, maybe there may be a few people who gossip and butt into other people’s business, but there are those kinds of people everywhere. However, there are also people in the club who only have good intentions and who only want to volunteer and lead other students. We can also seem obnoxious at times because of how loud Key Clubbers are, but I promise we all accept people with open arms. I know my members are loud and crazy at times, but I know that we all truly just love each other and have a strong passion for the same things. This connection allows us to be comfortable and loud around each other, and it can be mistaken for obnoxiousness.


I originally joined this club with the hopes of making new friends, finding a new passion for service, and discovering something new. And I have found everything I’m looking for. Key Club really isn’t all that bad, and there are reasons as to why so many people love it. Next time you’re invited to an event or given an opportunity to join, take that chance. Experience it for yourself and see if you still think about us the way you do.

Don’t knock it ’til you try it.



The Beauty Our Eyes Can’t See

We live on planet Earth, the planet of wonder, beauty, and nature. We are surrounded by it everyday, every second. The soil beneath the pavement you walk on, the small daffodils that grow between the cracks of the sidewalk, and the birds that soar high above are all what makes it beautiful.

But people never notice the little things about nature that make this planet unique and beautiful. When the sun sets and casts a shade of a mesmerizing pink and purple, we all run outside to take pictures or admire the view. Sunsets are beautiful, but what about sunrises? Eclipses are spectacular, but so are bright white full moons. We only notice the red roses presented in front of our faces, but not the delicate dandelions and daffodils that grow in the field of grass in the back of our schools. We never pay attention to the little details about nature that are there every day, waiting to be noticed.

Richard F Staples, Jr.

Richard F. Staples Jr.


Terah Dorsey

In elementary school when we had recess, I would never miss a day of picking flowers from the field. Every day I would run out to the field and scan the field for blossom, daffodils, and sometimes if I went far enough I would find these vibrant purple flowers hanging off the side of a fence of a house. And during spring, yards of grass would be covered in dainty ladybugs and I would hide my pencil sharpener in my jacket pocket to bring out to the field to hold the ladybugs in. After I caught the ladybugs I would bring them back to class, watch them crawl around the inside of the clear plastic, and then release them after school.


I loved playing with all things nature because I adored its delicacy and simplicity. I didn’t have to worry about what times which cartoons showed on tv, or what toys I needed to play with for what game. It was me, nature, and my imagination. I could imagine whatever I wanted with whatever I was given, and I was free imagine and make things up without being constricted by already existing cartoons or already designed dolls. With an open field of grass, flowers, and sun I could pretend to be so many different things. But eventually, I lost that sense of imagination. My creativity began to limit itself, and I had to “grow up” and deal with reality. I had to do work and be productive, and I couldn’t afford to lollygag around anymore.

Eventually as we grow up, we forget to be creative and we forget to appreciate the little things. We only notice the things that are big, beautiful, and in your face. We only want to see the city and the lights and the skyline, but we never want to see the stars above the skyscrapers. We are slowly losing appreciation for nature’s delicacies, but hopefully one day our appreciation can be rekindled once again. One day, we will be able to fall in love with the smell of the ocean and its serenity, rather than the sun that sets behind it. We will learn to love what nature offers us everyday, and we will appreciate it.


Why is Gender an Issue?

Gender is the main source of many problems in today’s world and society. The sex of an individual can extremely affect one’s life and how one is treated, seen, and judged. It is an issue, because we hold standards and stereotypes to each gender even though we are constantly told that “everyone is different.” Nobody is blind enough to not see how imminently inferior women are depicted in the media and society. Women have always been seen as human beings who live their lives for men.
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My Grandma’s Egg and rice

My grandma always made me a bowl of eggs and rice. It was a simple and easy to make, like Top Ramen, and could either be eaten as a snack or a meal. I remember the exact way my grandma made it, but I could never make it taste the same.

She always laid down the serving of rice, then arranged the perfectly cooked, sunny side up eggs on top. The eggs were always cooked a certain way so that the whites were in a perfect circle, surrounding the plump, unbroken yolk a little off center, with the edges golden and crispy. Then came the mixing, the most important part. The taste all depended on how evenly mixed it was and how evenly distributed the yolk was. Continue reading

How does an individual affect a community?

When you first read the question, it’s hard to propose an answer because of the countless ways an individual can create and impact on its community. But if you truly step outside of the situation and view it as a whole, you can see that an individual can only impact its community positively. Even though the effect of tragedy and misfortune is negative, it will always morph into something positive. Continue reading

Letting Go

Yesterday was the first time I finally let go in a while.

Growing up in a traditional Vietnamese family, I was always worried about how people viewed me in their eyes. As a little girl, I always had my aunt telling me how I had to look presentable whenever I went out in public, because you never know who you might run into.
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The Red Cup

Every winter season comes the anticipation for Christmas spirit. Everyone becomes eager to put up the Christmas tree, pull out the knitted sweaters, and finally be able to taste Starbucks’ delicious holiday drinks. But this season, avid Starbucks drinkers were disappointed with the simplicity of the seasonal cups to the point where it would make it to the Today Show, which is one of the nation’s most popular news and talk shows. Meanwhile the Today Show is worried about Starbucks’ red cup, 12 million Syrians, half being children, are fleeing their country.
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